Project CARS 2 Randomizer – Update

I wrote the randomizer script in PowerShell a while ago because I’m pretty comfortable with it and I assumed most people would prefer to run a script on their own rather than download a file that does something mysterious.  I was wrong.  The best possibly compromise in my mind was a web page but I wasn’t sure how to do it.  I haven’t done any web stuff in a very long time.

I read this article and thought it might be worth trying to turn the script into an API.  Within about an hour I had it working.  In another I had all the images imported.  After a third I had the documentation written.  I’ve been hammering at it and so far after a week the cost is three cents!

The idea is that the racing can become stale – same cars, same tracks, over and over.  Even then, some people will be exceptionally good with some car/track combinations.  I love to practice a car or a single track layout but what about the weather?  What about the evening when the track is cool?

You can see from the sample output here ( that you could get anything.  Formula cars in the rain on a rally track?  Go-karts in the snow?  Most combinations are just a bit interesting but some are way out there.  This makes nights racing with friends more fun.

The API will hopefully give someone with more time and talent than me to do something fancy.  I think that this works fine as an web page on your cell phone.  I typically don’t play video games with my computer in front of me.  Maybe someone can turn this into a phone app.

I’ll keep this as a link on my site for quick reference (for me).  You can see it over on the right panel near the bottom.

This would be miserable.

Rapid Change

I’ve always been scrappy when it comes to solutions so with work changing so quickly, as difficult as it has been, it’s also been quite different for me.  It may be the change I’ve been looking for.  I’m intentionally being non-specific about recent events because I still don’t have a solid idea of where things will land.  I also don’t want to blast my whole personal life online.

On a completely different not; I’m not thrilled about the WEC broadcasts moving to the Discovery owned Velocity channel away from Fox Sports which is far easier to get.  I could only find Velocity on the ultra-mega packages because it’s such an obscure channel.  I missed Spa.  At least IMSA has another year on Fox before moving to NBC on its 50th anniversary.  NBC SN is pretty easy to get (I have it as well as Fox Sports) so it doesn’t make much difference to me.

At least I understand VPNs and how to get around geoblocking.  I wish there were less shady ways to watch cars driving.  I agree with this editorial.

Nearly May

This month has been rough.  Everyone has been sick because Emily started daycare, work has been tough, and sleep seems like a luxury.

One day this will all pay off.  We’ll have income that we keep, kids that aren’t sick, and maybe a quiet house for a few hours a night for some sleep.

One day.  I’ve been saying that for a really long time.