Getting Cold

It’s starting to get cold here. I’m not too excited to see my first east-coast winter but I’m sure it will be better than Minnesota.

I’ve started playing a new game that I’m having a lot of fun with. It is the latest (sixth, maybe) installment in the “The Settlers” series that started way back in the early nineties. You’ll need a pretty fast computer to play it. It was just released a month or two ago. Check it out here.

Also, Will Wright at EA (R.I.P. MAXIS) will release Sim City Societies in a couple of days. This should keep me satisfied until SPORE is released which will be one of the biggest games ever based on sales.

Look at the tree.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. I’ve got two new albums up with pics from the move and the apartment.

Fashion tips. Rated R.

Well, the lines are getting blurrier. Ten years from now will be pretty amazing.