Christmas Season Starts

It’s been a few days. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I spent it with a new friend from work and his family.

Google Body has been announced officially. The link shows a virtual naked woman but it is pretty amazing what they have planned.

Well, lawyers win again. Cookie Monster is no longer craving cookies…he’s craving celery. Too many fat kids’ parents are blaming TV.

Here’s a few songs from Doom that were never used in the game. I love that game.

This link was titled “Guess who won’t be procreating any time soon?”. While we’re at it, here, here (1:30), and here. These are for you, dad.

And some funny anagrams for the holidays.

Oh yea, an old “Inside Edition” report on the Super Mario Brothers starring a young(er) Bill O’Reilly.

Thanksgiving Primer

I sent this around today because it creeped me out. A giant sea scorpion fossil was found (actully just the claw) but they think it was about 8 feet long! Speaking of huge nasty crabs, look at this.

Don’t go shopping on Friday.

I saw a list today of the top 22 keyboards ever. I know it sounds pretentious (and it is) but they left out THE best of all time. The keyboard that I’m using to type this is only one year younger than me.

This’ll get you in the mood for Thanksgiving. Here are some other unpopular Thanksgiving side dishes however I can think of many that are worse.

This struck me as funny. The guy’s reaction to losing his payload is pretty obvious. Whatever that was, it was expensive and he’s either going to get it or he paid for it. I can’t help but hope that he was recording himself for an instructional/safety video.

*New Feature* If you’re totally lame, check out my list of favorite video games. There’s a new link for it at the top of the page as well.

Best Rated Game of All Time

The new Mario game has pushed up to the top of the list of the best rated video games of all time taking the place of “Zelda: The Ocarina of Time”. The Ocarina of Time held this position for nine and a half years! I’m about half-way through it and it is a great game but I’m just amazed.

This guy is living on a self-made island of plastic bottles. I think this would be very cool except I don’t like to eat fish.

If you missed Family Guy on Sunday (and not on purpose), you missed the story of Peter’s birth despite his mother’s best efforts. If you’re easily offended, lighten up.

This is how eagles celebrate Thanksgiving. Yea, we picked an awesome national symbol.

Back from Atlanta

I’m back from Atlanta. It was cold out there. I hope I get a chance to check out the area next time I go there.

I played Mario Galaxy for the first time on Tuesday. Good game so far.

Like most of you, I didn’t know who Kevin Federline (Britney Spears’ ex boyfriend) was until this year’s Super Bowl. And, until now, I haven’t even given half-a-crap. It turns out that he submitted a high score to Nintendo Fun Club News in 1988 for the game Pro Wrestling. That was a tough game. I’m always on top of celeberty news.

Also on the ‘D’ list, Jared from Subway was a smut peddler in college. Allegedly.

While on the topic of disgusting, check out this list of perverse Japanese video games. This one is rated R and isn’t exciting at all.