My sister and I used to play MadMaze on Prodigy when we were kids. It was terribly slow and back then and internet access was paid for by the hour so dad didn’t like us spending too much time screwing around. You can play it here but you’ll need to allow popups and use Internet Explorer.

If you haven’t heard, Verizon is opening up their standards starting January 2008. AT&T brushes it off but quietly follows behind.

Nintendo is rolling in the dough, bouncing back from the Gamecube.

Christmas Tree

Early merry Christmas to all my friends and family.

Erin and I picked up a Christmas tree today. We figured that snow on the ground and 20 degree temperatures were as long as we wanted to wait and I’m a kid anyway so I’ve been looking forward to this all year.

Here are some pictures of the tree including a before and after. And here’s a dark, grainy, grammatically-incorrect video of the tree in action.

I took a lot of pictures but my camera is almost dead. I’ve had it for four years and the poor guy has been through a lot and the CCD is shot. One of every five pictures is clear and the rest look like a sixties-style drug trip (I presume). Here’s what I’d like to replace it with.

This is why motorcycles are awesome. And some cute animal buddies.


I’m up late because I can’t stop coughing.

We’re getting snow as I type this. My car is almost fully covered but I have a feeling that the daily high is still enough to keep it from sticking. The lake (pond) behind our apartment has begun to freeze over. Oh, and it’s windy but I guess that’s how winter works.

Erin and I saw No Country for Old Men tonight. I’m not going to ruin it for anybody but it was really good though the ending stunk.

I found this at work the other day. The most powerful diesel engine in the world. I can’t verify that claim but it looks very cool.

Here’s a good list of yo mama jokes that don’t suck.

If you haven’t heard, Evel Knievel died Friday at age 69. He had some health problems but is probably amazed he made it this long and didn’t die inside a lion with a flame thrower. or something

Here are some hot sci-fi babes. Cooking With Pooh, too.

TV, Music, and Genitals

Ug, so tired.

Futurama is back. I never watched it when it was on Fox but I think I’ve seen every episode twice on Adult Swim.

Deutsche Grammophon is now publishing high quality (not CD quality) mp3 files online of some of their best music. I’m still a CD guy but I’m glad to see the classical niche getting some attention.

I found a java script MD5 hash generator. See if your password’s hash is online. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t need to know.

I figured how to get a whole movie or TV episode onto my cell phone right after it airs. A half-hour TV show is 15 MB and a movie about 50.

Oh yea, here’s 10 disturbing facts about your genitals.

Christmas Season Starts

It’s been a few days. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I spent it with a new friend from work and his family.

Google Body has been announced officially. The link shows a virtual naked woman but it is pretty amazing what they have planned.

Well, lawyers win again. Cookie Monster is no longer craving cookies…he’s craving celery. Too many fat kids’ parents are blaming TV.

Here’s a few songs from Doom that were never used in the game. I love that game.

This link was titled “Guess who won’t be procreating any time soon?”. While we’re at it, here, here (1:30), and here. These are for you, dad.

And some funny anagrams for the holidays.

Oh yea, an old “Inside Edition” report on the Super Mario Brothers starring a young(er) Bill O’Reilly.