Happy 2008!!

2008 is just hours away now and I want to reflect and say that this has been a heck of a year. If you would have told me that I would be living in New York by the time I was 25, I probably would have punched you…but here I am. Only time will tell me if I made a good decision.

I’ve got a good list of fun crap to keep you at the computer and away from the TV because there hasn’t been anything good on TV on New Years’ night since at least I was born.

From Cracked, the 10 Best Craptions and Comments of 2007. Fill up my snake…

Again, from Cracked, 10 Horrible TV Inventions which includes the potato peeler gloves.

This is a pixel house. He’s going to have a lot of spiders.

A snow plow from Japan that eats snow and poops bricks of ice. Cool and oddly cute.

And finally, drunk chick moments. Some are just embarassing to watch.

Please please please be safe tonight. There are a lot of drunk idiots out there. This is the most dangerous night on the road. If you’re going to be one, embarass yourself in front of your friends. Let them remember you as the party animal, not the dead guy who took out somebody else on the way off the road.

Happy New Year!

I’m gonna’ be late for work.

The last day of the year. Sort of weird. We got a ton of snow last night and though I’m supposed to be at work in a few minutes, I can’t make it out of the parking lot. Normally we would have seen a plow (or three) by now but I guess our snow guy has the day off as well. Judging by the amount of cars I’ve seen drive by (one big truck), the rest of the complex is in the same situation. I can’t believe that I’m the only person who needs to go to work today.

It looks like the bulk of the snow has already fallen so I should be out of here soon. I was hoping that we’d get a pizza at work.

I think I finally got my file sharing account to work. I haven’t done anything differently. I’ll bet that they finally realized that there was a problem and fixed it. I hope that my family has been able to download some of the Christmas photos. If you still haven’t seen an e mail with instructions for downloading, please let me know.

Anyway, Erin makes it back to NY today. I haven’t seen her in a long time and I hope that her flight isn’t delayed on account of the weather. It sure is pretty outside now that the sun is hardly coming up.

I saw this Mario Bros. MIDI sequence this morning. It is a modern player piano.

Photo File Share

Apparently there’s a problem with my file sharing service. Nobody in my family has gotten an e mail with a web address and instructions on how to download the Christmas photos. I’m working on it and you’ll get a new e mail once I figure it out.

I’ve never been a fan of mp3s because of the major loss in quality. This article talks about what so many people lose by listening to mp3 players or crap on their computer without special equipment. My mp3 player is great for long airplane trips but nothing yet has topped the 25-year-old CDs. OK, maybe some of the DVD-audio stuff is better but it isn’t widely available yet.

This guy found a snake in an electrical box (?) while at work.

I’ve added some new Christmas photos to my albums section. I shrunk down almost all of them to save bandwidth. Beside, who wants a 4000×3000 photo?

With Flash

Somebody sent me this picture to a ship firing a really big gun today so I thought I’d share. Netscape, the king of the nineties (and my old favorite), officially died today.

Did you read about this guy? The propeller fell off of his plane at 16,000 feet and he landed safely. He wins the awesome award this month. This idiot wins the “I serve as a bad example” award. Includes incoming traffic motorcycle destruction!

Here is a very important tip about digital photography. And another funny picture somebody sent me. For some reason, this reminds me of my sisters. Here are 10 pretty cool life-affirming movie moments.

Check out this 1934 news clipping about a giant devil-fish. I came across some pictures and price quotes for some awesomely expensive hotel rooms.

The Christmas photos have been uploaded. If you haven’t received an e mail with a link and password yet (and you’re in my family), e mail me and I’ll get it sent to you.

Woohoo, Friday!

Will Smith and Food

A few days ago, I read a short blurb on the internet about Will Smith saying Hitler was an ok guy. This is a prime example of exactly how people get mis-interpreted all the time. You can read what he said here. All he said was that Hitler was so messed up that he thought he was doing the right thing. Now the poor guy has had to apologize for doing nothing wrong. Now think of how minor this is and imagine it blown up into politics. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore.

On the topic of mis-information, the “green food” advocates are again trying to stop genetically modified food for health reasons. This story actually uses the phrase “genetic drift”.

Sorry about that. Here’s some fun stuff. I found some “really cool” Nintendo inspired wedding cakes. Here’s a crap-load of penguins and an awesome animated tiled gif.

This is getting popular around the web so I thought I’d link a video of a very frustrating Mario Bros. clone. I could only watch the first twenty seconds or so of this Alvin and the Chipmunks Wii game video. The movie looked awful enough.

I’m just a bucket of sunshine today. I’m going to take a nap.