Rubik’s Dodecahedron

We’re supposed to have a big storm coming tonight or tomorrow. I don’t mind rain but snow sucks. I sure miss California.

This guy does a dodecahedron-shaped Rubik’s cube. It looks impossible to me.

Not to get too intellectual, here’s a great bit from the Adult Swim show “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job” called the the poop tube. Here’s a little kid who seriously lacks motor skills. For all I know, it’s a video of me as a kid.

I’ve never played Crysis but this was a cool video. A guy set up a bunch of barrels and blows them up. It just looks amazing.

There have been some pretty funny fiberglass-Ronald McDonald-on-the-bench pictures, but this is the best.

Last minute Christmas gifts.

Snow and Pictures

It’s dumping snow outside (not inside?). We got to go home early because of the storm. We’re looking at seven inches in four hours right now!

Some good mugshots with tattoos. I like “princess”, “karma”, and the guy with way too many.

Have a bad day? Watch this. You’ll feel better.

Some pictures of kids acting like adults (who act just like kids). What is going on in the second-to-last picture? Here’s a quadraplegic who claims video games made him feel like he was restored.

A few funny photos, an awesome National Geographic photo, and a butt-ugly carp.

The Zeppelin concert was a big hit. I wish I could have been there. John Bonham’s son playing drums in his place; how cool is that?

Gay Flies and Recipes

LiveScience reports that a group of researchers figured out how to genetically turn a fly gay, then straight, then gay again. They alter some DNA and in a few hours, switches sexual polarity. Haha, gay fruit flies.

I know I’m not New York City, but I still feel close to some of this crap. A good list of the most unnecessary greatest hits albums. Yea, Shaq is there.

Here’s a real live pokemon. Windows errors can be quite funny. It goes to show how many people (smart and otherwise) develop software.

Some underappreciated DS games for the holiday penny-pincher. Here’s a guy getting smacked pretty hard. Video games with realistic titles. Not very funny.

Hey mom, Google now has a recipe section. Remember (like Wikipedia), anybody can submit a recipe so you might get something terrible (like Wikipedia).

Various Junk

I’ll kick this one off with something easy. 17 funny book titles. The first and last on the list are the funniest.

Here’s a quick story about IBM pushing development of light-based microchips opposed to electron (think little wires) based. Light doesn’t equal heat.

In video games, a Pac Man tree for Christmas. Don’t drink the toilet water. Some bad senior pictures (one is actually pretty hot). And a price guide for the most valuable comic books.

I didn’t read the story, but how could not linke this? Passwords suck (but you’ve got to have them). MS has been working on this for a while. Oh, come on, a fork?!

The worst (maybe?) Christmas albums. Yes, that’s Colonel Sanders before he went hip-hop.

New Camera

Win XP SP3 RC1 has been somewhat released to the public. I look forward to trying it out.

Ask and ye shall receive. I got a new camera today from my parents and it is wonderful. I tried to upload a picture to the website database but had a problem because the file size was too big. You can see it here. (Yes, I know, grainy, red-eyes, dark, etc. but I just wanted to start playing with it.) I need to figure out how to change that. I haven’t played with it much yet but you can expect pictures soon.