Back from Atlanta

I’m back from Atlanta. It was cold out there. I hope I get a chance to check out the area next time I go there.

I played Mario Galaxy for the first time on Tuesday. Good game so far.

Like most of you, I didn’t know who Kevin Federline (Britney Spears’ ex boyfriend) was until this year’s Super Bowl. And, until now, I haven’t even given half-a-crap. It turns out that he submitted a high score to Nintendo Fun Club News in 1988 for the game Pro Wrestling. That was a tough game. I’m always on top of celeberty news.

Also on the ‘D’ list, Jared from Subway was a smut peddler in college. Allegedly.

While on the topic of disgusting, check out this list of perverse Japanese video games. This one is rated R and isn’t exciting at all.

Quick Update

If you didn’t check out the link above, check out this half-time show. This is why the NFL sucks.

Mario is out. Societies is out. Simpsons game is out. Now I’m out of town for a few days. dang

Check out my mom’s quilting adventure; if you’re man enough.

Video Games

Super Mario Galaxy is being released on Monday. I reserved a copy downtown and I hope to get to play it by the weekend.

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Chess boxing. It is exactly what it sounds like. I’d be better on the board than in the ring. Are these “smart” boxers or “tough” chess-players?

What an idiot. I only counted 25,400.

Will Wright with EA is giving a single copy of the original SimCity to every person on the “One Laptop Per Child” list. Pretty sweet and much better than minesweeper.

I want this. The title of the original link was “girls don’t understand me…”

Website Updates

If you’re reading this, you are already aware of the new RSS feed.

I’ve added an XML/RSS feed to this page. The links to it are to the left of this text.

The page is also directly on and you do not need to be redirected. If your bookmark was sending you to ../PersonalWebSite/default.aspx, you’ll be redirected here but you might want to update the bookmark.

Getting Cold

It’s starting to get cold here. I’m not too excited to see my first east-coast winter but I’m sure it will be better than Minnesota.

I’ve started playing a new game that I’m having a lot of fun with. It is the latest (sixth, maybe) installment in the “The Settlers” series that started way back in the early nineties. You’ll need a pretty fast computer to play it. It was just released a month or two ago. Check it out here.

Also, Will Wright at EA (R.I.P. MAXIS) will release Sim City Societies in a couple of days. This should keep me satisfied until SPORE is released which will be one of the biggest games ever based on sales.

Look at the tree.