Will Smith and Food

A few days ago, I read a short blurb on the internet about Will Smith saying Hitler was an ok guy. This is a prime example of exactly how people get mis-interpreted all the time. You can read what he said here. All he said was that Hitler was so messed up that he thought he was doing the right thing. Now the poor guy has had to apologize for doing nothing wrong. Now think of how minor this is and imagine it blown up into politics. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore.

On the topic of mis-information, the “green food” advocates are again trying to stop genetically modified food for health reasons. This story actually uses the phrase “genetic drift”.

Sorry about that. Here’s some fun stuff. I found some “really cool” Nintendo inspired wedding cakes. Here’s a crap-load of penguins and an awesome animated tiled gif.

This is getting popular around the web so I thought I’d link a video of a very frustrating Mario Bros. clone. I could only watch the first twenty seconds or so of this Alvin and the Chipmunks Wii game video. The movie looked awful enough.

I’m just a bucket of sunshine today. I’m going to take a nap.

Christmas 2007

I just made it back to NY from CA. I went on a last minute back home to Los Angeles to surprise my mom for Christmas. I thought that I was going to be working on 12/24 (Monday) but on 12/21 (Friday) my boss told me that I didn’t have to come in on Monday. That night I bought a ticket and made my way out there. I had a good time. As always, it is hard to leave home.

On 12/22 (Saturday), I made my way to the airport and was randomly selected to get the whole luggage search. I stood in a portable toilet sized room for a few seconds and got scanned, then the guy went through everything I had. EVERYTHING that I brought with me. I could only imagine how embarassing this could be for somebody who brings other things with them. I truly don’t care if everybody in line sees my folded underwear but I’m sure a girl would’t like it.

Because I went on a last minute fling, I didn’t have time to do laundry so I went to the store on the way to the airport to buy some new socks and underwear.

My sisters and I pretty much played video games the whole time. I got quite a few shirts for Christmas. Clover (the kitty cat) was just fine when I got home.

My sister got my mom helicopter piloting lessons for Christmas. She’ll kill me for doing this but here’s the exact moment that she figured out that it really was a helicoptor lesson and not a joke. (Sorry mom)

I’ll get some more Christmas 2007 photos up soon. I took nearly 250 in just a few days. For my family, I’ll zip them and upload them for one big, easy download.

I hope y’all had a good one as well. Next stop, 2008!

Have a good Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody! I hope all one or two of you who read this have a good few days-off. Be safe.

Ever heard of YTMND? No? Good for you. Seriously. Here are a selection of the year’s best video game related YTMNDs. I got The Simpsons game for Christmas from my girlfriend. Good game so far but I was truly spoiled by Mario Galaxy.

This is an oldie but it’s worth seeing again. Some of the worst album covers of all time (rated R). And this stupid little DOS pillow. It is sort-of cool so I won’t be a dork and list all the things “wrong” with it.

Well, have a good holiday. Waste some time here if you run out of stuff to do.

Duke Nukem Trailer

A Duke Nukem Forever trailer was released today! Holy crap. They announced this game in 1996.

I found these odd Guinness world records today. I like the fastest ketchup drinker. Also in weird crap, check out how some people will try to smuggle drugs from one place to another. Giant squid, live puppies, and a tractor included.

I love Carl from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force TV show on Adult Swim. Here’s a clip of him discussing the Mitchell Report. And some (extra) stupid criminals.

Cool Old Cars and more Nintendo

Im sick. I’ve been coughing and not sleeping. I’d rather it be the other way around. It’s been a great last few days otherwise. I got a lot of Christmas cards (thank you) and some boxes that I can’t wait to open. Next year I’ll do Christmas cards. I’m secure enough in my masculinity. If you haven’t sent me a Christmas present yet, this is awesome.

Here’s a few “Before and After” Photoshop celebrity photos. I can’t see a difference in most of them but do they really need to be touched up? Maybe not them, but these sure do.

Nintendo is pissed that these retailers are only selling the Wii system in bundles and not individual. It’s hard enough for these kids to talk mom into spending $250 for the system alone much less $500 for some additional crappy games that the retailer can’t sell otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is rolling in the dough but the objective isn’t all money, it’s getting everybody to enjoy your product, not just a smug, stuck-up elite crowd who can afford it. Sure, Mario is whored out to a ton of studios but a real Nintendo Mario game only comes around every five to ten years.

Anyway, look at these awesome old cars. In-N-Out is the other reason I really miss home.