Summer 2017

It’s already hot.  This will be our sixth summer in Tucson and I’ll take fifty of these over a single New York winter.

I hit 100K miles on my car after 14 good Honda years.  I’m sure 200k will be logged either by Sarah or Emily.

We’re waiting on a few new sets of photos from the wedding a few months ago where Sarah was a flower girl and Sarah’s school pictures.  She’ll be starting preschool this fall.

The last time I was this tired, Sarah was about four months old.  Emily just turned four months yesterday.  We’ve got a long way before we can get to any sort of nighttime normalcy.

May 2017

It’s already May.  So much has happened and I missed a lot of birthdays.  Keep watching the pictures on the right because it seems to be the only thing I have the time to update any more.

Just Games

In the year 2000, the fastest computer in the world was the IBM ASCI White which pumped out 7.2 TFLOPS.  That’s really fast.  It cost $110 million.

The next Xbox was just announced for release later this year.  It runs at 6 TFLOPS and will probably cost around $600 USD – and likely not much less than that to build.

17 years later, the fastest computer in the world sits in my living room so that I can drive pretend race cars after the kids go to bed.

That’s pretty amazing.

Better Weather

We finally had a still, dry, cloudless night with no moon.  My neighbor and I took another swing at taking some photos and got some better ones.

Jupiter did not come out because it was too low on the horizon and blurry through the atmosphere.