Privacy Policy

  • I do not collect any information about you on this website.  I don’t care who you are.  Your comments can be deleted if I don’t like them.  I block multiple countries from accessing my site for security purposes.  I don’t sell anything.  I don’t advertise.  I use personal funds to pay for this website.  This is a soapbox.
  • If you subscribe to my blog updates via email, the email address is stored in a MySQL database and the update is sent through WordPress (
  • WordPress collects some data but it’s very easy to block their tracking script.  I don’t control what they do with it.  Use any ad blocker or the DuckDuckGo extension.
  • This site is registered with GoDaddy and hosted in the United States by GoDaddy.
  • No other individual has a WordPress login to my site.
  • Because this is WordPress, there is a likelihood of the site being hacked or compromised.  WordPress is famously insecure.  I do my best to keep things up to date and monitor what is happening but there is always a chance that control could be taken away from me by a hacker at any point.  This is true anywhere.
  • When in doubt, VirusTotal.