Pet Sounds

I always thought it would be fun if animals could talk.  Animals probably aren’t smart enough to put together full sentences or thoughts beside “food” and “danger” and stuff like that.  What if an animal could speak but it could only say one word?  For example, a dog barks but instead all of its barks are the word “hamburger” in a distinctly dog voice.

If you could choose an animal to say only one word in human-like clarity, which animal would you choose to say what word and why?  Share it in the comments.

It can be a whole species or just one specific animal.

5 Replies to “Pet Sounds”

  1. I think it would be funny if a dogs’ bark was a fart noise. Imagine the little dogs give a high pitched fart noise and the big dogs give big sloppy ones.

  2. I would like it if chickens could only say “lame,” which seems an accurate description of chicken existenz.

  3. It isn’t one word, but it would be cool if pigs said “It’s okay to eat me later” and then they winked at you. Be a load off my mind.

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