Why am I mad? Won’t somebody else please think for me?

Everybody is talkin’ about SOPA today.  Before you jump on the bandwagon and hate, love, protest, or promote; read the bill first.  You can download the PDF here from the House of Representatives website.  Then do your hating, loving, protesting, or promoting.

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By: Prescott Saguaro on: Jan 19 2012 2:38AM
Thanks! I am just thrilled to see the legislative process at work! I wish I knew how a bill becomes a law. Since our library closes at 4 and the Video Drone went out of business, it is more difficult to find out some things. Next time I am at the youth center I will look on you tube to see if there is a cartune on the subject.
By: Jason Schlueter on: Jan 19 2012 2:43AM
You have many pen names. Try buckflix.tk

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