Broken Garfield 3

Here we go again. I think that these randomly generated comic strips are somehow adding some dimension to these very linear and boring characters.

Nobody likes Odie but he doesn’t let that keep him down.  Here he appears with Jon’s hair.  Maybe from a hair brush or the sweepings of an at home haircut.  Odie gets the last laugh and Garfield comments on Jon’s grammar.


Absolute nonsense.


We don’t have enough context to understand this strip entirely but I believe that Garfield was watching TV and caught parts of different commercials while watching from the greasy bottom of a Pyrex tray which was filled with lasagna.  The utensils are clean because cats don’t eat with utensils.  Whatever pieces of commercials that he saw wrapped up into some inspirational message.  I’m with Garfield on this one.


It is different when Jon is doing the thinking.  We normally don’t get to witness Jon’s inner monologue.  He was sitting, possibly typing, and remembered his leftovers in the fridge from yesterday (assuming that Garfield didn’t eat them, hahaha!).  Then he gets up because he hears scratching at the door and his legs were either asleep from sitting funny or he might struggle with self awareness.  It may also be a sensory overload whenever Garfield isn’t near him that he notices everything around him so much more vividly.  Maybe when Jon hears Garfield scratch at the door, he is brought back down from his solitude-induced sensory overload and realizes that though his mind knows that it needs to take his body to the door to open it and let Garfield in, his legs are still unavailable and he floats on a cloud all the way to the door.  When the door finally opens, Jon laughs at Garfield’s obvious discomfort as his mind again returns to a state of depression and recovery from separation anxiety.


Jon’s really excited about flipping that pancake.  He was obviously talking too much and not listening to Garfield.  Garfield seizes the moment of Jon’s face covered in pancake (including his yakkin’-mouth) and finishes his story.


Jon makes some ridiculous claim which he is so confident about that conversation stops so he can flip a pancake.  Successful or not, Garfield and Odie need to check the "list" which is what I believe the internet was called back in the 80’s.  The pancake falling on Jon’s face is purely a background bit in this case and has no part of the story.  It is one of the great things that happens when you get to work with a true professional.


Jon’s pulling the old "birthday/doctor visit" routine with Garfield.  He got him a gift…to wear to the veterinarian’s office.  Garfield doesn’t think it’s funny.  Jon, still cheery, give is to Garfield straight telling him that it’s time to lose some weight.  Garfield responds how everybody responds to an intervention.  Jon, still too chipper, folds while promising to himself that he’ll try another day.  Garfield then makes sure that Jon knows that Garfield is the one holding the leash in this relationship and that his plan was lame but forgiven.


What an unusual dream.  Jon really likes his licorice.


In the first panel, Jon has doubts about both who he is talking to and that Garfield is not staying true to his diet.  Garfield responds with an obvious "hello".  Jon encourages him come more and Garfield responds again apathetically.  The final panel is perplexing.  It must be an inside joke but it is good to know Garfield’s preferred neck-to-turtle ratio preferences.


Garfield woke up and noticed that Jon was watching him sleep.  Apparently, not quietly enough.  Jon is a loud watcher.  Garfield gets up, burps, and before Jon can get some snarky comment in, Garfield tells him about his awesome dream that Jon woke him up from in which he ate a canary.  Take that, Jon.  I’m outta here.


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