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Apparently you’d prefer that things stay the way they are than put it all on a single, large page. Or you just don’t care. I’m glad you agree with me. Maybe it was the power of suggestion.

Erin is making her way through Majora’s Mask.  If anybody has every played the "Collector’s Edition" of the game on the Gamecube disc, you may know that it can freeze.  It is an N64 game ported to a GameCube disc and played on the Wii.  While this is unusual for any game from Nintendo which prides itself on backward compatibility, it is the first time I have ever seen such a thing.  It only happened twice during this game.  For the record, turning off the "rumble" feature will either fix or reduce the problem.

Here’s the opening screen:


Ocarina of Time was flawless the whole way through and dozens of other older games that I have personally played on the Wii have never given me a problem.

I hate when a platform will only support the latest software.  This is a new road, go buy a new car.  I still occasionally play ZZT.

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By: Lindsey on: Feb 4 2011 9:45PM
I loved ZZT. Watch out for that mean-looking ampersand!! &…

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