Spam and Penguins

This morning I noticed that I received some spam post comments last night.  I will continue to allow anonymous comments (no login required) but I will keep a close eye on these postings.  Fortunately a login is required for my forum.

I don’t know what they expect to get out of me.  I just suggest that if you see something odd in a comment from somebody that says something about how great the post is and provides a link to somewhere, don’t click on the link.  For your safety and the safety of my site.  We can try to beat this crap together.

And yes, today is national awareness penguin day.  Which for some reason is different than world penguin awareness day.

Old Comments

By: Jason Schlueter on: Jan 21 2011 3:56PM
grammar bad
By: Lindsey on: Jan 22 2011 2:27AM
scroll down for the penguin picture, I’m too tired to make it a real link…
By: Jason Schlueter on: Jan 22 2011 3:25AM
Fantastic. I don’t believe it.

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