2010 Stats Wrap-Up

This is what you guys liked the most in 2010.

My most read post this year was my long post about video games. It was by far the most popular. I talked about Mario’s 25th anniversary, growing up with games, and creating my own. I included a video and even created a separate page for that game which I have not released to anybody. Still.

The second most popular was simply titled "OFF" where I outlined what would be changing on the site in the near future which is now the recent past.  I got quite a few responses also.

The third most popular would be my post on internet safety on April Fools’ Day.  I’m glad that this made it to a lot of people’s desktops.

Fourth is the quick post with one of the wedding photo booth photos of the five girls making a "serious face".  I called it Soap Opera Face.  A friend of mine copied Lisa’s face and put it on all of the girls’ faces.  When he sent this to me, I truly LOL’d.

And to round out the top five; the fifth most popular post of the year was my story about being chased by a dog on my bike.

I made a lot of posts this year.  You can always search for key words or go through the massive list of tags if you’re looking to browse.

The forums were popular this summer and some of the topics still see some regular visits, especially my post on using Expression Encoder for streaming video.  Feel free to liven them back up.  Forgot your password?  I have no idea how to recover it but I can try.  Or just make a new account.

It looks like there are about 800 regular visitors to the site.  Not daily but on a somewhat regular basis with a few visiting very frequently (you know who you areā€¦thank you).  I saw a ton of traffic.  Much more traffic than the previous site.  And remember, the new site went "live" on January 1, 2010.

The webcam was not nearly as popular as it was on the old site.

Google was, of course, the most popular way to find my site.  Second by about half as many searches was Bing.

This is what people searched for and ended up on my site.  They are in order from most to least popular.  I have highlighted my favorites.  Annotations in red:

  1. jason schlueter (obviously)
  2. jasonschlueter.co (oops) 
  3. albany medical college "winter formal" 
  4. "jason schlueter" 
  5. jasonaschlueter@hotmail.com 
  6. jasonschluete.com 
  7. jasonschlueter.cm 
  8. "mojave by moonlight" 
  9. jasonschlueter.co m 
  10. clommory
  11. albany medical college winter formal 
  12. jason schuelter 
  13. jasonschlueter 
  14. binano splat
  15. dawn soap commercial 
  16. adirondack animal land
  17. jason chelueter 
  18. jason schlueter disco chicken
  19. jason schluter 
  20. "art yum" pharmacist
  21. "automatic cat washer" video
  22. "bill murray" "i work with computers" 
  23. "erin and jason" wedding 
  24. "expensive microgravity" 
  25. "let’s look at bunnies"
  26. "microsoft expression encoder" "record sound" 
  27. "real news cast" scarface 
  28. 2010 breathless agony pictures 
  29. adirondack animal land. 
  30. albany med formal photos 
  31. angry dog chasing person video
  32. babycakes adult swim 
  33. babycakes george washington 
  34. baixar great? vid mate 2nd very funny alvin and chippos u have skill  (WHAT???) 
  35. big mhitney 
  36. birthday gif images for erin 
  37. bit.trip runner painting 
  38. brian alley 
  39. cake mst3k "mystery science" 
  40. cpt jason b schlueter 
  41. crazy gideons hot dog spot
  42. dawn baby seal and baby duck procter and gamble 
  43. dawn saves wildlife commercial music 
  44. dawn soap environment 
  45. dc200926 
  46. erin and jason 
  47. erin jason wedding 
  48. expression encoder record cable tv 
  49. expression encoder record speakers 
  50. frozen cat pict 
  51. frozen cat pictures
  52. frozen telescope pictures 
  53. good music slide show washington dc 
  54. hollywood quotes "sure is pretty up here" 
  55. honeywell "made from computer parts" image 
  56. hottest thing in the universe 
  57. i got chased by a dog 
  58. i suck at goldeneye 
  59. intext:hair"your name" "your email" "(optional) email used only to show gravatar" "your website" "title" "comment" "security code" "enter the code shown above in the box below" 
  60. is the sun the hottest thing in the universe 
  61. jamie hyneman rides centaur segway
  62. jason a schlueter 
  63. jason schleter 
  64. jason schleter tiffin ohio 
  65. jason schleuter 
  66. jason schlueter 92679 
  67. jason schlueter construction 
  68. jason schlueter dphs 
  69. jason schlueter northwestern mutual 
  70. jason schlueter official 
  71. jason schlueter wedding registry 
  72. jason schlueter, faribault, mn 
  73. jason schlueter, new london, wi 
  74. jason schluetter 
  75. jason schluter chiropractic 
  76. jason schluter construction 
  77. jason schluter, nmfn 
  78. jason schl

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