A few things will be different this winter.

I have taken my radio station off line already. It didn’t seem to get the attention I wanted it to. Probably because my music sucks. I’ll set up some playlists or something and play those occasionally instead of my whole catalog on random all the time. Who wants a Christmas playlist?

shark mxcSecond, I will be removing the stationary webcam in favor of using only the live webcam.  The stationary cam has been working hard for years and now only provides terribly washed out images.  I think that some part of the inside photo sensor is shot.  I don’t know much about cameras.  The live webcam provides much better quality images and runs directly through the router, not my computer.

I have already switched the photo link to the off-site photo hosting that works through my Hotmail account.  I think we can all agree that this is the better option.  YouTube does videos better than I ever could.  Live does photos better than I can.  And they host them for free!

The forums are dead however it takes up no space to leave them there so they’ll sit.  Feel free to say something.

I added a new "comments and tags" page under the "media" tab.  You can see a huge cloud of the many tags I have used.  However, clicking on them takes you nowhere right now.

I did add the tags to a collapsible menu on the left panel at the bottom of the front page.  Check it out and see what is really on my mind.  Hint: video games.

Old Comments

By: Erin on: Dec 10 2010 1:27AM
I think the live webcam is more popular anyway! I’m looking forward to the next time-lapse music video you make. We probably have enough for a full year now right?
By: Jason Schlueter on: Dec 10 2010 4:41AM
Almost a year’s worth. Four more months to go. I started the hourly shots on March 30, 2010. I was doing others before then. I’d like to get some of the coming snow to round out the slide show. I’m sure that once I go through all of the photos, we will have an interesting full year time lapse with some highlights along the way.
By: Eric on: Dec 10 2010 10:52PM
I will miss the radio station. But I must admit it had been a long time since I tuned in.
As for a Christmas playlist, I say nooooooo. I hate Christmas music.
By: Jason Schlueter on: Dec 10 2010 11:25PM
Agreed on the Christmas music.
By: Mom on: Dec 11 2010 2:30AM
If you played Bing Crosby’s White Chistmas album all month I would have it on 24 hours all month! Just a thought.
By: Jason Schlueter on: Dec 11 2010 5:24AM
I have some 8-bit Christmas songs played through the original Nintendo chipset. I could play those!
By: Mom on: Dec 11 2010 7:42PM
I was just kidding. I thought you’d remember how I used to wear out the Bing Crosby tapes (and then cds) at Christmas.
By: Jason Schlueter on: Dec 11 2010 7:46PM
Of course I do. That’s why I took you seriously.
By: Dad on: Dec 12 2010 5:17PM
NO Bing. I liked the music you played but have most of it on my MP3 player.
I like the live camera and want to see the time lapse when it is completed. That should cool.

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