Donut Cake

It’s still my birthday for forty more minutes.

Erin made me barbeque lasagna for dinner.  It is as good as it sounds.  We also had lemonade pie for desert.  It could have only been better if I could teleport this donut cake from California to New York.


Totally cool cake.  Thanks Lindsey!  A Mounds bar is not a sprinkle!  I love the plastic "happy birthday" grocery store sign thing.

Thanks for the video!  I’m a long way from home.

Here’s a photo from 2004.  I forget exactly what day.


The army men have the carousel horses surrounded.  Is that my knee?  What am I doing?

I ate so much food today.  It’s a Friday and it was Halloween at work.  So much candy and donuts.  Then a cheeseburger for lunch.  Then Erin’s awesome forty cheese barbeque lasagna.

My costume this year was originally Marty McFly from Back to the Future.



But people thought that I just dressed like an idiot normally.  That vest is old.  I wore this costume to a party last weekend so I had to repurpose it for work today.  I was given a great idea.  Add a mustache.

weird guy

Now I’m your neighborhood creepy guy.  I’m offering you candy.  We later said Magnum P.I. (which I’ve never seen).  So with no direction, I ended up father-and-son with this guy.  I’m one of those single guys who lives with his single dad.  But the guy is early 50’s and the dad is mid 70’s.  He owns a van and lets me drive it.  But only in certain neighborhoods.

chester and mirv

So it’s Halloween and my birthday (basically together).  I’m going to another party tomorrow night.  I don’t think that the weather will allow for a "microwave ‘splodin" good time but there’s always hope.

Oh, and this happened.


Check out the photo albums for more. I hope to throw some stuff up this weekend.

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By: Eric on: Oct 30 2010 11:54PM
Hey Happy Birthday (a little late)!

I’m really disappointed You’ve never seen Magnum PI!

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