It’s raining and the girls are watching TV.

I left work early today because my stomach hurts. Erin and her friend are in the other room watching some soap opera. It’s raining outside. I need to do laundry. Boo hoo.

So what do I do.  I find my computer and create three updates in one night.  And not just crap updates.  Good ones.  Well, the other two are good.  This one may not be.

SP Jason

This is an great list of movie trailers that are as good as the movie itself.  I really like the Dr. Strangelove trailer.  Just a warning, that link will take you to a full page ad which you will have to get through to see the article and videos.

Cool video game wall graphics.  If only I were single, had a ton of free time, creative, and not lazy.  Imagine the things I could do…

pizza motivation

Internet memes make the web go ’round.  You’ve seen them.  You may not know it but you have.  Here’s a list of links to blogs dedicated to specific memesAwkward family photos is probably my favorite.

IMG_0379Here’s another. Sort of.

Very cute.  Don’t get frustrated, just think for a second…

Are you a late night TV watcher like me?  When I was a k… oh wait.  You didn’t answer.  Are you?  No?  OK, well it isn’t really relevant to what I’m about to say.  Here it is: When I was a kid, I would stay up very late watching TV.  One of my worst fears was waking up my parents.  I hated (and still hate)  TV commercials that will suddenly get much louder than the original broadcast.  There’s a bill (How does a bill become a law?) moving through the system right now to force these audio level down to something comparable to that of the show.  How they will measure this and if it will be on a per show, per network, per time-slot, or whatever is yet to be known..  We have the technology to do it on the consumer end through the TV but we want to stop that yelling about your need for OXY CLEAN!!!

oxyBilly died doing what he loved. Cocaine.

Do you know what IPv6 is?  Nerd.  This is an interesting in-depth look at the problems and bumpy road ahead in the IPv4 to IPv6 transition.  OSI layer charts and everything.  Here’s the quick breakdown: IPv4 is the old way of doing internet addresses.  Four sets of numbers, 0 – 255.  We’re almost out of those numbers because there are so many computers/phones/systems/dishwashers/things on the internet!  We didn’t think we’d run out but now we have.  We’d like to make it a set of six numbers (  Many systems aren’t ready to handle that but they’re going to have to within the next few years.  It’s going to suck and it’s going to be expensive.  Cost to you: probably nothing.  Telecommunications companies: billions already and billions to go.

14 karat gold14 karat gold!

This guy has a ton of Mad magazines!

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