Cheesecake and Tetris

We have the final head count for the wedding. Thanks to everybody who can make it and no hard feelings toward those who can’t. It’s far and expensive. I understand.

I’m almost done with No More Heroes 2. I might finish it tonight. I love mature-rated video games. Thanks Al!

I had a pretty gross link of snakes eating things but I did the right thing and left it out of this posting. Now to the crap I felt suitable!

Check out this water Tetris.  Read about it here.  Pointless but totally cool.

If you watch one Mario Bros. video this year, make it this.  It’s so cleverly done.  Come on.  I did the work for you, it’s right there.  Just skip through it.

And if that wasn’t enough, this is a similar looking video called Big Bang Big Boom.  It’s about the beginning of time through the end of time.  Cleverly done painting and chalk on city streets and buildings.  Considering the size and time it must have taken, I can only assume that they had permission to paint these whole buildings.  You can’t just paint somebody’s van several times without them knowing.

This is how you turn your toaster into a blowtorch using only strawberry Pop Tarts.  I can’t wait until I have a backyard.  You just can’t do this stuff in an apartment.

I will never be a competitive eater but I am highly ranked amongst my friends.  Professional eaters are similar to professional athletes.  There’s a whole special set of organs these people must be able to access somehow after signing a contract with a professional team.  And I know it must be something special because half of these professional eaters aren’t even fat and the cheesecake eating champion is a good looking girl who ate 11 pounds of cheesecake in 9 minutesHere are the best of them.

I like old sci-fi stuff but I was never too much into comic books.  I have a lot of them thanks to my uncle Al.  Wow, two mentions in one post!  I always liked the artwork, especially the 50’s "we’ve never been to space but this is how we think the future will look" look.  The colors are always great.  It’s how the 50’s thought things would look like in the 80’s.  Anyway, here’s some of the best work of a famous old Japanese comic book artist who I had never heard of before yesterday.  His name is Shigeru Komatsuzaki.  Most of this art is in the post-Moon landing era but the old comic book style and even the obvious Japanese twist make these very cool.  I think my favorite is the second one down, the "Giant Shocker Machine".  I want one.

Why put a hat on a bird?  Why not?

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