Hummingbirds and Cake

First off, great job Lynn for getting that job!

Second, thanks for the responses on improving this site. I came up with a few ideas that I’ll be trying over the summer.

All of the big E3 presentations are over. Everything that was going to be announced has been announced. People are really excited about the 3D Nintendo DS. It doesn’t require glasses. I’ll have to see it to believe it.

If you care to watch any of the presentations, go here. I suggest the Microsoft one. The Nintendo one stunk and Sony was mediocre at best.

My sister Lindsey has hummingbirds nesting on her porch.  She has been taking photos.  They’re very cute.  Click on the photo for more.

This is what people call 8 bit classic art.  They look drawn and I don’t get half the references.

I have saved only a few receipts for reasons other than accounting or the possibility of returning the item.  My favorite is the receipt for the two pound burger from Fuddruckers.  I ate it, got a t shirt, and my photo up on the wall.  I like to talk about that if you couldn’t tell.

Here are a few notable receipts.  Caution: poor choices to shorten words result in bad language.

Here’s what I assume it is like to join a cult.

Make some awful music with this mathematical music box.  I linked this a long time ago but it’s worth a revisit.  It’s fun.

I was just watching Ren and Stimpy.  This made me laugh.  The text is from the sing-along part of the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen episode.

Colored bacon doesn’t sound appealing to me but I would try it.  If this bacon makes it in to our next food pyramid disgrace, you guys will be the first to know.

Lisa knows that food doesn’t have to look good to taste good.

Click on this cake to see what I mean.

This is why Law and Order won’t die.

Happy Friday…Saturday morning!

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