New logo?

That’s right. It took a long while but it’s finally here. Lisa did some awesome work and it adds a real unique touch to the site. Comment on this post to tell her what you think.

We have four logos now.  I will change them seasonally.  It wasn’t worth writing any code to change them automatically.  Please, tell us what you think.





Do you have a favorite?  Any ideas?  I love it.  The spacing isn’t perfect but that makes it more appealing.  I do have the huge full-resolution versions of the images that she drew which look much nicer but are too large to consider using at the top of this page.  Widths combined, the image would be over 2000 pixels wide.  That’s just too much.  I though of making it a bit wider but I think that you can see the detail at this size.

Thank you Lisa!

Old Comments

By: Eric on: Jun 13 2010 10:22AM
Right on!! Well done Lisa!
By: Erin on: Jun 13 2010 3:13PM
I like the logo! Good job, Lisa! 🙂
By: Vilija on: Jun 14 2010 2:18AM
I just noticed your cluster map. That’s pretty interesting.
Ilike the new logo, esp the seasons. Maybe you could put a tie on the snake for Father’s dy.
By: Jason Schlueter on: Jun 14 2010 3:25AM
That’s all up to Lisa. We just got a new one for the wedding! I’ll have it in my net post.

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