E3 and Toys

E3 is up next week. If you don’t know, E3 is the big video game trade show that is held every year. It’s where we find out what new video games and maybe systems we will be able to get the next year. It sounds like it would be a fun trade show to attend. Any trade show around a topic of interest sounds fun to attend unless it’s your job. I used to go to the big bicycle show in Las Vegas every year and it turned a hobby into a job. But still, I wish I could go.

The Mortal Kombat teaser I posted a few days ago has been matched with a teaser video. I was never a huge Mortal Kombat fan but I really appreciate and respect the speed and skill of the players.

Holy crap, that’s awesome.  The only fighting game I’ve seen since Tekken.

Wow, a giant sea monster eating a burrito.

I linked these Easter bunnies before but there have been a few good updates since then and I’m sure that most people wouldn’t check it regularly this time of year.  So please be careful, sketchy bunnies are about.

This is a bit bizarre.  I hesitate to link it because I’m not quite sure what it is or the ultimate outcome.  It’s like a big game or something.  I’m not sure.  Check it out.  Whatever it is, it is very well done and looks great.

Travel often?  "Welcome" signs from all 50 states.

As much as I hate the idea of the counterfeit industry, I like to see the really bad counterfeit toys that make it to market.  Either the buyer is dumb, doesn’t care, or was bribed.  Some of these knock-offs are so bad, it would be hard to argue that they are even really knock-offs.  I like that the Lego logo was turned into "BRICK" on the handsome Spiderman speed racer.  Thanks mom for the link!

I live in Albany, NY.  Our local paper declares the "best" of the year at about this time each year.  Here is this year’s list.  Something I found surprising is here on page 6, the second best pizza was voted as Pizza Hut.  I love Pizza Hut but I figured that a place like this voting for Pizza Hut would be like Los Angeles voting Taco Bell for Mexican food.  Congratulations Pizza Hut!  Inexpensive pizza doesn’t mean bad pizza.

Useless fliers.  I don’t know what more to say about them.  They’re useless.

Stuff no one told me is a site with little bites of things that you aren’t told.  These are little things that you learn.  They are cute (with some bad words) but sincere.

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