Strongmen and Monopoly

I had a very good, long update written out on Saturday but I didn’t save it.  I closed the program too soon.  I was too upset to start over again then.  This time I have a whole ton of junk to share so buckle up.

You probably remember talking about ditching Time Warner.  I have since been watching a lot of cartoons, many of them Looney Tunes.  Cartoons are still a beautiful form of artistic expression but the style has changed.  I love to read John K’s blog (well, look at the pictures more than anything).  This is the guy who did Ren and Stimpy and is a bit of a guru on cartoons.  I found another great site specific to the backgrounds drawn for the cartoons.  The site is simply called Animation Backgrounds and is worth a look.  I don’t know how this person would have access to all of these old background images.  I’m sure that they aren’t being scanned from originals.

A side note, the spell checker wanted it to be “Reno and Stumpy”.

Monopoly.  Love it or hate it, it’s the biggest board game in history.  I love playing it and I would occasionally win just by staying awake longer.  A couple of nerds (I can only assume) figured out the technically shortest theoretical Monopoly game possible.  They demonstrate it in 21 seconds.  The specifics are here.

Artist?  Me neither.  Look at these pencil drawings of animals.  These are not photographs.  The last one is my favorite.  It looks too real to be drawn but the internet never lies.

I’m not a “tall” guy but I’m a taller guy.  Short guys really get screwed in the attractive-to-women department.  This little article talks about character flaws that are forgiven in favor of a few extra inches.  The “study” was done by 20/20 about fifteen years ago.  I doubt that much has changed.  You can read the transcript here.  Ouch.

Is Mortal Kombat getting a new movie?  Maybe their will finally be a sequel that doesn’t suck.  Check out the trailer and read more speculation here.

As I used to stay up late at night watching Adult Swim and doing things with my computer, I would occasionally look up and see whatever show happened to be on.  Not only are the shows made for a different audience, but catching them at the wrong time while tired can be very confusing.  Here are the 10 Most “Understandable” Moments.  Watch these to see what my life was like after 3 AM.

I don’t know anything about economics or much about politics.  Look at this nifty US Debt dashboard thing.  It sure does look cool.

The barcode clock is something that was on the web back in the early days of JavaScript.  I haven’t seen is since then until this weekend.  It’s not a big deal now but it’s still kind of cool.  I guess it’s an alarm clock now.

Do you like big jewelry, have very little money, plenty of free time, and don’t sweat?  This link is for you!  Make hard candy jewelry!  Big old sticky ring-pops all over the place.

Jim makes pancakes for his daughter.  Jim is creative and his daughter is lucky.  I had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday.  Here are Jim’s Pancakes.

Horrifying or adorable?  Child torment or hypoallergenic alternative?  Frankenstein or Martha Stewart?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

What’s the difference between being a strong man and a strongman?  I think that a strong man can work at an office while a strongman has to have some sort of job lifting barrels or repeatedly lifting large stones for some reason.  These are the greatest Strongmen according to some stupid men’s magazine.  Check out The Great Gama (#4).  Angus sounds like a scary guy.

Baby Mop.

Choose your own adventure.  With video and Mario!  Cool.

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By: Vilija on: Jun 9 2010 5:38AM
Fun update! I think I’ll go make some pancakes…
By: Jason Schlueter on: Jun 9 2010 11:32AM
Feel free to send them out here in a soggy, gross envelope.
By: Jason Schlueter on: Jun 9 2010 4:22PM
Wow. It looks like the Mario video was already taken down by it’s publisher. It wasn’t that great.

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