Donkey Kong World Champion

Billy Mitchell is no longer the king of Donkey Kong!  No, Steve Wiebe still hasn’t done it.  Some new guy.  Some plastic surgeon named Hank Chien scored 1,061,700 points in only 2 hours and 35 minutes.  It has been verified and he is the new champion.  Very exciting day for nerds.

Look at my horse.  Just look at it.  Now you can look at my horse in a jazzy atmosphere rather than a historic-techno atmosphere.  Or whatever.  Anyway, jazzy horse.

Easter is coming.  Did you see my Cadbury ribbon up on the top right?  These bunnies will leave you little colored eggs but will steal your soul as payment.  Lots of little kids screaming on big rabbit laps.

Bootlegs usually translate into poorly made merchandise…and these are no exception.  The 20 “worst” bootlegs.  The very last one, Obama the Hedgehog Potter, is fantastic.

New York City as an 8-bit, Dragon Warrior looking map?  How does it look?  meh

Demotivational posters for your enjoyment.  I made one a few days ago.  It is in the photos section.

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