Muppets and Babies

There are some things that are fun on the internet that can be completely innocent.  All of those cats.  I’ll bet half of the web is cats and bad grammar.  Babies are fun, too.  Why not put some laser eyes on those babies?  Here’s my favorite so far.

Remember the muppets?  Their voices got all weird as they were passed on to different sets of muppet wranglers.  I don’t know the muppets as well as the Simpsons but I was able to identify more of these than I thought.  Not like a lot of them but more than I expected.  Hover over the muppet for more info.  That’s a weird sentence.

I hate ticking clocks.  Call me Captain Hook but I can’t stand the ticks even in a loud place.  I can hear analog watches in movie theaters and I always worry about staying at somebody’s house because there’s always a ticking clock in the kitchen or the bathroom.  Those rooms are typically hard floored which doesn’t absorb any of the sound.  I want this thing so bad but I’m sure it’s too loud.  If you want to be totally cool, buy it for me.

I was sitting at work today and I thought to myself, “I want to eat a turtle burger.”  Fortunately, I ran across this.

Look at these senior photos.  I hated mine but not as much as I hate these.

8-bit will never die?  Well maybe but Link sure isn’t looking that good.

You can be identified online easy.  Cookies and things are “old” ways of doing it.  It’s easy to block cookies and things but now they’re using a combination of other non-personal stuff to identify you.  A combination of browser type, java type, screen resolution, color depth, and other stuff is used to find out who you are.  And get this!  Now some are paying attention to the way you type.  Quick/slow/different keys better than others.  Amazing.  Imagine being identified between different computers and browsers by the way that you type.  “Oh that’s Jason.  He’s good with the ‘t’ key.”  Imagine if you tried to sign in to your bank’s website and got a prompt that, even if the password is correct, it wasn’t typed the same way.  Maybe a little fast (hacker-style) or slow (nervous-hacker).

So the best way to stay anonymous online is to pick out the most common browser and not use any unusual plugins or anything.

This update sucks.  Listen to my radio station.  mms://

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