Confession Time

My site has been up for nearly two and a half years.  I play with it almost every day and I enjoy doing things with it.  I see things on other sites that I like and I want to do them myself.  There are easy ways to do them which are usually inexpensive.  I decide to do them the hard way which will can consume my whole weekend but I will save $10.  It isn’t really worth it when you look at it like that but I learn from it.  This is my hobby.

The biggest change to my site came just recently at the beginning of 2010.  I knew how to do everything that I wanted to do, I just didn’t want to spend the time doing it.  I found some free open source software that will allow you to build a whole site just how you want it.  Somebody else already went through the trouble to make the fonts the right size or to take care of a log-in system.  I felt like I had given up and joined the status quo.

My site lost it’s home-grown, FrontPage, high-school HTML class feel.  I thought that it was part of it’s charm but I had to move to something that was more modern and more useful.  I want people to spend more time here even though I do not depend on advertisements and I get no money at all from visits.  Still, I need to learn more and I can’t get to different, more complicated things if I have to worry about font sizes.  Let’s progress.

While moving to DotNetNuke (the software that helps me do this web page), I found out a lot about what others use and how common my thoughts about development are.  By the way, that site looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it?  There are a lot of people out there who “just want to make a site”.  I am not one of those which is why I have been fighting the word blog for such a long time.  It was during the setup of the new site that I had to concede to the proper terminology.

Now this whole site is a website.  This is my personal website.  There is more here than my rantings and links but while looking for a way to provide my updates like this, the little piece of the code I needed was called the “Blog Module”.  I hate the word ’blog’.  Dang.

So I had to do it.  I added a blog (which is short for web log) to the front page of my site.  For your sharp eyed readers, some of the tags have said ‘blog’ this whole time.  I just wasn’t ready to admit it.  Web logs have been around since the mid nineties but the word blog didn’t appear until 1998/1999/2000-ish.  Ironically, at the time, I thought blog was a cool word but I should also note that in 1992, I thought LOL was clever.

But the blog isn’t the whole site.  Many ‘blogs’ don’t have a forum, on-site photo album (opposed to a link to a free photo hosting site), private streaming audio and video, music, webcams, and lots of other fun things.  When people tell me they read something on my blog, I cringe but I know exactly what they are referring to.  Though I don’t intend on using the word myself, this right here is my blog.  I’m waving the white flag.

Have I joined the blank faced millions who slap crap in freely hosted blogs all over the internet?  I’d like to think that mine is a little more than a WordPress, done-in-a-minute job.  I am not trying to make any money at all.  I have more than funny pictures.  I do not advertise anywhere.  This is my site, my URL, my hosting, my content.  It’s also my blog.

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By: Jason Schlueter on: Feb 9 2010 1:06PM
Maybe I have a sixth sense for this kind of thing.

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