Christmas Season Starts

It’s been a few days. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I spent it with a new friend from work and his family.

Google Body has been announced officially. The link shows a virtual naked woman but it is pretty amazing what they have planned.

Well, lawyers win again. Cookie Monster is no longer craving cookies…he’s craving celery. Too many fat kids’ parents are blaming TV.

Here’s a few songs from Doom that were never used in the game. I love that game.

This link was titled “Guess who won’t be procreating any time soon?”. While we’re at it, here, here (1:30), and here. These are for you, dad.

And some funny anagrams for the holidays.

Oh yea, an old “Inside Edition” report on the Super Mario Brothers starring a young(er) Bill O’Reilly.

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