The Korg DS-10

How am I doing an update this early on a weekday? I’m home coughing and sneezing. My head is like a faucet.

Spitzer is out. He’s arrogant even after he’s been caught. I hope your wife leaves you, jackass.

A group called Procyon Studio and AQ Interactive are releasing a Korg MS-10 synthesizer emulator for the DS called the Korg DS-10. I don’t have any musical talent but I might have to buy this and use it when nobody’s around. It’s only being released in Japan (of course) this July but we’ll see it over here eventually. If you like that sort of music, check out these guys. Video game sounding electronic music is one of my guilty pleasures.

Here’s a great (terrible?) map helping put the housing price misery of the whole country. It looks like California infected Nevada and Arizona. I want to go back home but, come on. California, you’ve got to change man.

This is a real front-page and is probably about a year old but I thought I’d share it because I recently came across it and thought it was funny.

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