Trebek and Ultrasound

E3 is going on right now and there is nothing that I am more excited about than the soon-to-be-released Mega Man 9. First I read this preview which was pretty good. Now I see this box art that shares the spirit of the Mega Man box art. I share the feelings of the reviewer. The old-school art, brushing, font, and even the Ultrasound Graphics Synthesis tag. Perfect. I tip my hat (I do wear hats) to Capcom for this one.

Another cool game that is making it’s way is a new Pikmin for the Wii which was confirmed this year at E3. The first two Pikmin games were great but never too popular. Smash Bros. Brawl introduced Olimar, the main character of Pikmin, as a playable character. This Wii version will probably be good. The problem with the Gamecube version was that the game would be best played with a mouse and not a joystick. Using the Wii remote would help the gameplay and make the multiplayer much more fun.

I like awful mugshots. Here’s TSG’s (The Smoking Gun) collection of ironic t-shirt/mugshot combinations. I love number six.

SNL Jeopardy is far suprior to normal Jeopardy. Here’s a collection of the ten best SNL/Jeopardy skits. Swords.

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