Spaghetti and Seniors

It was two degrees when I got up this morning and -17 with the wind. It felt like Pluto.

Nintendo started up making card games in the late 1800s. They didn’t start with electronics until the mid 70s. Watch this short video from a show called the Bit Museum about a couple of games that you’ve probably never heard of. Their first few pieces of hardware (no software or consoles at the time) were really cool and I hadn’t heard of the car racing one. I have always wanted the orange one.

There’s a really sweet video game out right now on the PS3 called Little Big Planet. I haven’t played it but it’s about some tiny creatures who make their way through levels made out of every-day items like pens and books. Many people have been creating their own levels thanks to a very detailed level editor. It looks really cool. Boom Blox is a really cool game as well (which I have played) and has a similar, but less detailed, level editor. Here are a few levels that re-create some classic video games. Watch for the dog in Duck Hunt. He should have lived the dream of everybody who has ever played Duck Hunt and shot the dog.

It looks like they want to move Leno to 10 PM. Maybe the bus to the senior center stops running after midnight.

This is what bears love.

Spaghetti cat is one of the funnier things I have seen. On The Soup (the show on E!), they had a clip from a daytime news show where they cut to a cat eating spaghetti for a few seconds for no apparent reason. Of course, spaghetti cat has been in many other places.

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