Athletes and Big Companies

We’ve been having a lot of snow and ice around here. The last ice storm (Thursday night) was enough to bring down big branches and good sized trees. Thousands of homes in the area lost power for at least twelve hours. We were lucky though a branch that fell on our roof scared the heck out of me.

This cat steals stuff and it looks like he’s pretty proud of it. I want an army of thief cats. And badgers.

CompUSA shut the doors last year. Circuit City is bankrupt. Office Depot announced that 112 stores will be closed. KB Toys has filed for chapter 11. Interesting. Auto makers aren’t doing too well either. Gas prices are way down. The company that I work for is doing very well. What’s going on? I should have paid closer attention in my economics classes.

Here’s a list of funny athlete names and what their career alternatives could/should be.

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