Blenders and Llamas

I saw snow on the ground when I got up this morning. I almost cried. It’s really cold right now but this can’t last for too much longer.

I think that I’m going to focus on shorter but more frequent updates. And as far as the calendar on the left hand side goes, go to the forum and let me know what you want on it.

I love cats and dogs. Is this cruel? I don’t think so. I think it’s probably really effective. Man that cat is funny.

That reminds me of a time when my sister and I were in the kitchen and our cat grabbed a piece of food from a plate and started to walk off with it. The fork was still in that piece of food and it looked like the cat was walking around with a fork sticking in it’s face. Lindsey got scared but I saw the whole thing so I just laughed.

Slow motion is cool. Almost always. Look at this slow motion water video. I think it’s a commercial.

A friend sent this to me earlier today. Seven evolutionary leftovers in our bodies. Well in your body anyway. Mine’s modern and perfect.

“Crap, my blind date will be here in twenty minutes and I don’t have a llama!”

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