Erin and I are getting married!

First and most important, Erin and I are engaged! We’re both really excited.

Wow. A ton of stuff has happened since the last update.

We just got back from DC. It was a really long drive down thanks to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Getting there late afternoon and trying to get into the middle of town turned a 6 hour drive into almost an 8 hour drive. I didn’t see my car again until this morning.

We had some great weather and I got to see Erin’s parents along with her sister and sister’s husband. We had a congratulations meal and had a great chance to walk around.

We attended a wedding there for one of Erin’s friends. It was a very nice wedding at a very nice hotel. I had a good time.

We hit the road this morning and stopped twice on what should have been a six hour drive but thanks to the horrible wind, it was even more and I had to make another stop to fill up the gas tank. The cross and head winds were just awful and my shoulders are a little sore from holding the steering wheel so tight. When we got back into town, our street was blocked by what looked like a fallen power pole. We took the back way in and the power had been out in our apartment at some point.

After I got all of the clocks set and my suit hung, I flopped down on the couch and here I am.

I do have a good group of funny links to share but I’m not in a rush. This is a real update!

Check out some of the weekend’s pictures.

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