Duck and Bub

Thanks for all of the ‘good lucks’. We both appreciate it.

This peanut looks like a duck.

Horses don’t need hair extensions but the captions are funny even if they make me uncomfortable.

Some cool insider views on Area 51.

Imagine watching your house being robbed live on camera. This whole video is really disturbing. A woman watched her house being robbed from work via a security camera she installed months earlier. The best part is in the five minute video you see the break in and the cops arrival. I wish we got to see them in cuffs but I’ll take it.

This COPS parody Jack In The Box commercial is a favorite of mine. I’m in a land far away from Jack’s so I just recently found out that the logo has changed.

Sonic the Hedgehog meets DOOM. In other video game news, a re-mixed Bubble Bobble is on it’s way.

Because I think that this LED analog clock is so cool, I belong in the Dork Yearbook.

Don’t be offended. Butt is a funny word.

The customer is occasionally stupid.

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