HDADD and Sega

So my little sister is turning 19 in a few days and I saw this article a few days ago. The Sega Genesis is 20 years old! The 16 bit system is two decades old. I love Sega. Even though their last console was nearly a decade ago, they still make some great games. This picture shows that all enemies can become friends.

Check out these high-def art versions of old video games. Ice climbers is very cool looking.

Context-based internet ads can be as amusing as they are annoying. The ad thing looks for words and brings up ads based on the words it finds. “Car accident” could provide a Nissan ad. Here are some poorly placed internet ads. Number 8. Seriously?

I can’t concentrate on anything for too long.

Look, a bird.

The HDADD theater is for me. I haven’t made it too far yet but it is pretty interesting. You can always skip to the next one.

I just finished playing Legendary Starfy. Good game. I’ll review it later. I like to let it sit before I make a full judging.

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