Jeopardy and Limericks

Let’s start this off with some cool stuff to look at. I don’t know what Adobe ActionScript is but this is an impressive demonstration of what it can do. If you click on it and drag around, you can change the view.

You can make your own digital kaleidoscope with this thing. A fun way to waste an hour. Why not? You have tomorrow of.

Ever felt deceived by the food advertisement photos? Like that McDonalds burger that looks great on TV but like crap in real life? This is a new blog that compares real food to their advertised counterpart. It should be fun to check back every few days.

I was just talking about secret menu items at In-n-Out yesterday. This is a list of the “secret” food items at popular restaurants including In-n-Out. With the internet now, regional secret menus are probably a thing of the past.

Dictionaries. Does anybody use them anymore? I found two fun ones. Why? I don’t know. Here is a funny one that uses little kids books and illustrations to give terrible advice to kids and limerick form. This would have never existed if it weren’t for the internet.

Our princess is in another castle. Again. Get used to this. It will be your job for at least the next twenty-five years.

Here you go, mom. Jeopardy bloopers.

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