300 Wasn’t only a dumb movie…

Wow, what a busy week. It has been one of the more expensive last two weeks that I can remember. I just got paid so I’ll be fine.

There is something special about this update which is why I delayed it for so long. I wanted it to be special. This is the 300th update! I can’t believe that over two years I have typed three hundred of these things.

So, hooray.

Look through the Museum of Hoaxes. It was a good thing to do while “intoxicated” during recovery.

A friend of mine got me playing Scribblenauts. Scribblenauts is a Nintendo DS game where you can write any noun and that thing will appear. You have to solve these puzzles with whatever you can make. There are 22,000 words in the database so as long as it isn’t a brand name, bad word, or something drug related, it’ll appear. Guns, time machines, dinosaurs, whatever. Last night I glued a shark to a kayak so I could ride it instead of it eating me.

Considering the volume of stuff in the game, it is really amazing how everything interacts with something.

Netflix origami. Rad.

Ever been interested in cat coat patterns? Look no further. This is more than you would ever want to know but at least there are some cute cat pictures.

Erin! Make this! This will change our lives!

I think that I posted this last year but maybe not. Tetris tiles is exactly what it sounds like. Ceramic tiles in tetris shapes. Imagine being the guy laying them down and messing one up. As long as they don’t disappear when you complete a line, it won’t be that bad (har har).

I have an important question to ask everybody about the forum, in the forum. Check it out. Thanks.

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