Superman and Taxis

We might get some snow soon. I got a free Verizon ice scraper. I may actually sleep tonight. I like waffles.

Souvenir photography is a way of taking pictures and placing cheesy souvenirs in place of their actual structures. Holding a toy building up in place of the real building. Whoever did this perfected it. I love the one of the little girl licking the popsicle tower. There are lots of them. The cruise ship is good too.

Christmas is almost here. Look at these old Christmas magazine ads from decades past. I think it’s cool that everybody wanted guns and smokes.

I never had any action figures when I was a kid. My sister had a few Barbie dolls but I didn’t have any of the boy equivalent. I did have some of the little plastic army men which I put through the lawn mower and melt together with a magnifying glass. I never really wanted any of the “real” ones. Look at the Cracked list of pointless action figure accessories. Why would the Flash need a motorcycle? Twisted ankle?

Don’t give dolls, give video games. I found a great illustrated timeline of video games. The best gift I was ever given was my Gameboy on my tenth birthday (I think).

Remember Taxi Driver? One of the most awesome movies ever? Ok, keep that in mind… Have you ever seen a movie preview that portrayed the movie in a different light? Like a preview for Movie X before Menopause Theater is different than the one before Bloody Murder 4? Here’s Taxi Driver portrayed as a romantic comedy. Very short.

If you see any movie this year, see this one. You’ll need a break after you watch this preview.

I found the coolest t-shirt ever. Yes, you can really buy it.

I truly appreciate law enforcement. Here are some fat cops. The very last photo is priceless.

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