Nice Christmas

It has been great having Lindsey visit all the way from California.  She got to be here for Sarah’s first Christmas which, for a four-month-old, is not too exciting.  Next year she will be walking and much more aware which will make Christmas and decorations more interesting.

Erin worked Christmas eve and into Christmas morning but we did get to spend most of the day with her.  Sarah has been finishing a cold and got some shots just a few days ago which has caused her to run a fever and make her generally fussy.  I believe that she could be teething as well.  Even with her mild unhappiness we managed to have several friends over yesterday to watch some Christmas specials from old cartoons and TV shows.  We saw some terrible stuff but had a good time.

Lindsey cooked a ton of bacon and some cinnamon rolls.  Today we opened some gifts (thank you to everyone) and played video games as tradition dictates.  I ate around forty Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

I hope everybody had a great day – Christmas or otherwise.  Next year we’ll figure out whether we do odd or even years in Minnesota.  It will be great for Erin to have a stable or at least predictable schedule.


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