I’m another year older today marking the double 18.  This means I now get to vote twice.  Maybe I’ll get a cheeseburger.

2018 has been one of the worst years in memory.  I’d like to put an early end to the year on my birthday and start 2019 in November just to be done with it.  We’re skipping Thanksgiving and Christmas and hopping straight into the new year.

I might need to go back to my hairstyle from my 20s soon.  I’m getting pretty sparse up top.  Think of all the money I’ll save on combs.  It must be dozens of dollars per decade.  Phew.

I’d like to listen to some music with my eyes closed (remember doing that sort of thing?) and not worry about getting nut-shotted by one of my kids.  It might be too much to ask but that’s what I really want for my birthday.

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