Birthdays and Sneezes

Happy birthday first of all to my four-year-old Sarah, going on sixteen.  Her party was fun and I think we pulled it off well.  A week later and we still have half a vegetable try to get through but the remainder of the leftovers served as meals all week.

Pop and baby sister each turned a year older near the end of this week.  Three August birthdays over five days in our family.  It was great having grandma out.  The Amtrak delay helped me understand why train travel is unpopular even if you can’t beat the price.

I’m having my state of allergies reevaluated so I can’t take any allergy medicine for five days.  I’m not your typical allergy sufferer (if you know me) so I’ve been particularly miserable since Friday.  I hope I never have to do this again.  I’m miserable.

Work is busy but a few weeks of frustration might have a happy ending.  I think that a co worker and I have figured out something that we’ve been struggling with for the last two years.

It’s starting to cool down and the frogs are mostly leaving my back yard.  I dislike fall which means winter is on its way.  Emily is two in January and we’ll be getting a bunk bed soon enough.  Hopefully it’ll be the end of diapers and the beginning of verbal communication.  I want to take these girls camping.

Erin’s at work and I’m watching Gumby with the girls.  It’s fun to see all these cartoons that I haven’t seen since I was a kid.

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