Slimming Down

I’ve decided to remove a few things from this site, most noticeably the OneDrive photos link on the navigation bar which I did a few weeks ago.  I look at the odd crawlers that visit this site and it makes me uncomfortable about what is being done and how frequently.  The current plan is to keep the blog where it is but it will have less media.

I also want to reduce the amount of cookies and feelers that visitors have to deal with as I don’t like them myself.  I don’t care who you are but I don’t want to contribute to the tracking/security issues that you face.  The less cross-site stuff on my site, the less you are being stalked by large companies.  You should care about this.

This is a personal decision as I don’t make any money here nor has traffic ever been high.

I will still share images and albums from OneDrive but nothing permanently.  I’ll use links that allow me to set expiration dates.

As the world moves into more “share, like, subscribe” mentality, not only does it exhaust me, it also worries me.  Security and privacy are things we trade for convenience.  Your information is today’s oil.  It shouldn’t be given away and I don’t want to contribute.

A cookie or two gets set on this page by WordPress but it is easily blocked with almost any ad blocker.  I don’t know how to prevent it from being set but feel free to block anything this site tries to set on your own computer.  I don’t care who you are and I don’t need statistics.

If you have questions, leave a (mostly) anonymous comment.  I have a feeling most people reading won’t care but these things are important to our future.

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