Rapid Change

I’ve always been scrappy when it comes to solutions so with work changing so quickly, as difficult as it has been, it’s also been quite different for me.  It may be the change I’ve been looking for.  I’m intentionally being non-specific about recent events because I still don’t have a solid idea of where things will land.  I also don’t want to blast my whole personal life online.

On a completely different not; I’m not thrilled about the WEC broadcasts moving to the Discovery owned Velocity channel away from Fox Sports which is far easier to get.  I could only find Velocity on the ultra-mega packages because it’s such an obscure channel.  I missed Spa.  At least IMSA has another year on Fox before moving to NBC on its 50th anniversary.  NBC SN is pretty easy to get (I have it as well as Fox Sports) so it doesn’t make much difference to me.

At least I understand VPNs and how to get around geoblocking.  I wish there were less shady ways to watch cars driving.  I agree with this editorial.

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