Project CARS 2 Randomizer – PowerShell

I’ve been playing a game on my Xbox lately called Project CARS 2.  Races are never stale because so much skill is involved in driving any of the cars.  With so many cars and tracks, I typically gravitate toward those that I know but I need what gets me out of my comfort zone and makes a multiplayer game a bit more even by not playing toward my biases.

It led me toward building lists of all of the options that can be used for single and multiplayer games, then a simple script that randomizes the options.  You may drive a formula car on a rally track or a go-kart on the Nurburgring during a blizzard but it can be a good time.

I’m going to keep a link to the code, a single PowerShell script on this site.  Please take a look here!AqUQHAUZXtjKkvBW0J-_RYsOBWNqxw.  The script does not require any system-level permissions and should run just fine in any PowerShell instance.

I saw others do similar things but they required installing a program with no transparency.  They were probably fine but here, anybody can see exactly what the script is doing and modify it to their own taste.

I want to add content as it is released and continue to develop as I see fit or as feedback comes in.  Please share feedback in the comments or find me on Twitch, Discord (JasonSandwich#1976), or the official Project CARS forums.

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