Almost Birthday

October has been busy and has mostly flown by. Emily is crawling, Sarah is about to get her driver’s license, and Erin is probably running for a political office. Late nights are a gamble between if I want time to myself or should I get some sleep.

In that time I’ve been playing a new racing game and am rediscovering my interest in going outdoors.  I’m not actually going outdoors yet but it seems like something less impossible now that Emily has begun to move on her own.

In about a year she’ll be able to walk on the gravel path very easily and Sarah will probably be running six minute miles.  I’m realizing how much my hobbies have morphed around my flexibility.  Right now there is none so I spend lots of time around a TV and computer doing things that don’t require long blocks of time.

I’m 35 in about a week and it makes no difference to me.  There’s a new proper Mario game (don’t ask why I say proper, the explanation is too nerdy) coming out in a few days – the first in over seven years.  I’d like to take Sarah to go and buy it with me.

Happy Halloween!

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