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Summer is in full swing.  Daily highs top 100 and evenings are perfect.  Jupiter and Saturn are both high in the sky and beautiful right now.

The pool water temperature is sitting in the high 70’s and Sarah and I have been going out back to swim after dinner.  Once the sun goes below the fence to the west, we don’t need to worry about sunscreen.

I never properly learned how to swim but I can move around and stay afloat in water.  It’s hard to teach Sarah because I don’t really know where to start.  She’s very excited to jump off the pool stairs and go underwater.  It scares me even though I’m standing right there with her.

I believe the people who owned the house and put the pool in made sure the shallow end was really shallow.  She’s not even three and can stand above water in the shallowest end on her toes.

I’m trying to teach her to first make it to the side of the pool and grab the edge, then scream really loud for help, then make her way to the stairs.  Just in case.  We’ve got a good, strong fence around the perimeter but you can’t be too careful with kids around a pool.

Emily is sitting up and can now sit and scoot around in the “space ship” which is a canvas chair that rotates around a plastic table with some toys that keep her attention.  I remember Sarah playing in that for a really long time and I’m convinced that it helped her learn to walk.  Emily can just barely touch the ground but has the core muscle strength to hold herself up.  She’ll be five months old next week!

Sarah starts preschool in September.  She’s a lot of fun to be around now.  She can talk about things and is just so funny.  Her reasons for doing things are so innocent and funny at the same time.  We moved a couch cushion and discovered a few Cheerios.  She threw them in her mouth immediately.  I laughed and asked her why she did that.  The right answer is “they’re Cheerios”.  What else would you do with them?

Erin starts her third year with her practice in August right before Sarah turns three.  The job will change slightly but we’re both optimistic.

I hooked up a trailer to my bike and pulled Sarah around the neighborhood.  She didn’t like it as much as I thought but I’m sort of grateful because my fat butt on a bike sure ain’t what it used to be.  I’m hoping we can do more of it in the future.

I’m making room in the garage for things like this and getting rid of baby stuff.  Extra strollers and junk like that.  We need a bigger house.

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