We’ve decided to name the new baby Emily.  She’s a darling and she snores.

Labor was only four hours this time, starting conveniently at 8:30 AM on a Monday morning.  I was ready to spend the night like last time but instead was able to bring Sarah to visit the baby, and take her home, and get her ice cream before 6 PM.

We again delivered at a place where Erin works which is a different hospital than last time.  The room was beautifully decorated by the nursing staff. Everybody at the hospital was delighted to see Erin and care was top notch.  I’m going to attribute it a bit to the two dozen donuts we brought in.

Through the first few hours I was feeling nauseous (I know, it’s always about me, isn’t it?), I held out just fine.  I’ve always suffered with dizziness in medical settings for some reason.  I don’t know why.

By the time the pushing stage came by I was feeling fine and we did it all again.  I held her leg, watched everything, cut the cord, and then sat nose-to-nose with Emily for about a half hour while she turned from blue to pink.  It was wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

She’s a bit larger than Sarah (13 oz. more) but they both had hairy heads at birth and the same chubby cheeks that Erin and I both got to genetically pass on.

The evening was a bit different this time.  I slept at home with Sarah while Erin stayed at the hospital with Emily.  I came in again this morning and am watching them both sleep right now in a dark room.

It’s unbelievable how small she is.  They grow fast but gradually even though there are some days I come home and swear Sarah is a three foot tall teenager.

Sarah was a bit distracted by the huge hospital and all the stuff on the wall when I brought Sarah to meet Emily.  I don’t think she realizes everything that has happened but once Emily comes home, that’ll change quickly.

It’s pretty amazing what life can throw at you and how such small coincidences can form your future.

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