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  1. I once had an interview to be principal engineer at a startup.

    The founder ordered an Arnold Palmer at a Chinese restaurant. And when they said they hadn’t got any, he tried to convince them to make him one from, like, half a glass of warm black tea, ice, sugar and lemon.

    I bailed. I mean, how can you even work with a guy like that?

    1. Great name, Muddy May Suggins…

      That was probably the right move. I once took a date to a pastrami place in southern California. It wasn’t until we sat down that she told me she was a vegetarian and how gross this was. I had nothing to lose so I ate and she scoffed. I never saw her again. I’m sure if cell phones were more of a thing back then she’d have live tweeted the horrible date.

  2. Back in college I WAS the wait staff and I waited on someone interviewing a scared looking young girl. He ordered a sundae and was very specific about how I needed to assemble it. When I brought it out he said something along the lines of “that’s how i want things done, my way…yada yada…” and began berating her. Maybe she was already an employee. But then he asked me if I wanted her job. I said no. She smiled.

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