This hasn’t been an easy month but we’re getting through.  This early spring has brought some nasty allergies my way, magnified by the wind.  Sarah just read every letter of the alphabet as I pointed to it out-of-order.  She’s got dozens of words and usually we can work out what she wants or needs.  She’s becoming aware of when she pees and poops so we might be trying to potty train in the near future.  We bought her a play grill with an oven last weekend and I think she’s liking it.

We’re tired.  The best part of my day is picking up Sarah from daycare or seeing her for the first time after work.  Traffic is a mess because one of the main roads is being repaved so getting across town to the daycare can be a grind but peeking my head through the daycare window enough for her to see me is fun.  Watching her face change and her calling out my name is just great.  Nothing beats it.

She’ll be 19 months this weekend.  At 19 days I had no idea how we would make it this far.  She’s a lot of fun.

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