What’s Old Is New

Every year seems to bring a heavier load of change into my life.  So much has happened this year.  Erin has finally finished her residency and begun a real job.  Sarah is now a year old and unstoppable.  Work has been busier than ever (for my current job, anyway) and although very difficult at times, has been personally rewarding.

2016 will bring a lot of new things.  We’ve hired a nanny for a few days a week in order to establish a close relationship with someone in town who we can trust with Sarah.  It’s difficult to not have any family nearby or friends who don’t work the same hours that you do.  She seemed excellent, has excellent references, and has taken care of seven kids of her own.  Her first day is on Monday.

The weather has been typical Tucson-cold.  Freezing at nights and fifties and sixties during the day.  It’ll start warming up again after January and keep warming until August.

Two of my cousins had babies this year so Sarah will have someone to play with when we get together.  Erin’s sister also had a little boy who will get to play with Sarah some day.

Erin and I went to Hawaii this summer for the trip of a lifetime.  We had so much fun and I’d recommend the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trip to anyone.  We’d do it again right now, do completely different things each day, and have an amazing time.

Lindsey found what seems to be a good job.  I’m really happy that she got it because it took so long to find.  Working in Los Angeles it hard.  I’m sure that Lisa will find something once she’s done with school.

It’s been great having family make the drive out here.  Everybody visited this year and we’ve even made it out to California and up to Phoenix more than a few times.  Sarah is pretty good on a longer drive now.  I’m still pretty concerned about taking her on an airplane.  Hopefully we can avoid that for a few more years.

Much of 2015 was a surprise so I can’t make any huge predictions for my own life in 2016.  I don’t make resolutions but I hope that we’ll get out in the pool a lot with Sarah and teach her how to swim.  Soon enough we’ll be going on hikes and riding bikes together.

Tonight is the most dangerous night of the year.  Be careful.  The only thing that’s worse than being injured by an intoxicated idiot is being that intoxicated idiot.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting those you tube videos of Sarah. I watched the one last night…so adorable! Can’t wait to see you all in February!

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