Keeping Up Appearances

What do you think of the new look?  Anything that I should change?  The menu has moved to the left and there are some new things down at the bottom.

I’m thinking about removing the star ratings.  Posts either get five stars or zero and not many people even use it.

I removed the form because I was getting a lot of spam.

Six Years! ( is six years old today.  This site has followed me through three states and four residences.  I’m happy that so many people read this stuff.  Thanks for being part of it.


Dude Chain

Lots of Links

I ran a program that helped me check all of the links from my site to other pages.  I’ve posted almost 800 updates over the last six years which means that there are a ton of older links.  Many of these links pointed to a place that no longer exists.  Well, over a thousand actually.  The links that were properly updated by the site owners that re-directed you elsewhere have been updated to the new place.  The other seven hundred that point to places that don’t exist at all have been deleted.

If you find yourself browsing through the old updates, you’ll see that there are fewer links and maybe some confusing text (click here for wacky fun) where the link is clearly missing.  Oh well.

Header Image Testing

You might have noticed the image at the top of the page as part of the header.  I uploaded a whole bunch of them and they should appear randomly when you load the page.

I think that the image is too tall.  This size uses the default setting and I wanted to see how it looked and if anybody liked it.

Refresh the page a few times.  Let me know what you like and what you don’t in the comments. is gone.  Typing in the URL will take you directly to this page.  I am still going to consider the beginning of as the beginning of this website which means that in September, it will have been up for five years.

I’m keeping the URL forever but now I’m only paying for hosting in one place.  Maybe someday we’ll go back.

picture unrelated

Thank you  Your services are wonderful and your customer service is better than my new hosting company.  You guys rock.