I remember a German term “schadenfreude” which means to find humor or pleasure in someone else’s pain.  Such as seeing the guy speeding past you on the freeway pulled over a few miles later.

I was thinking about some other things that should have words to explain them as we all know the feeling.  Maybe someone can pipe in with an urban dictionary link.

  1. How it feels to know taking time off work would result in more work when you return.
  2. You’re sure that there should have been more than one flush but one flush did the job.
  3. Watching something fail exactly as you predicted to others even though you will be the one to fix it.
  4. Being really good at something you hate.
  5. Being a parent and when kids are asleep or elsewhere and not knowing whether you should sleep or spend time alone in silence.

Half-Way to 70

Happy 35th to me.  The last year was exceptionally busy – now with two kids and Erin’s job in full swing, my job takes a full back seat to nearly everything.  And it’s better that way.  Nobody goes to the grave wishing they spent more time at work.

Sarah had a preschool Halloween parade on Friday and we’ll all go trick-or-treating on Tuesday.  Sarah (or should I say Scare-ah) is a ghost and my Emily pumpkin is a pumpkin because she has no choice.  I haven’t put a second of thought into a Halloween costume for myself but I did buy a t shirt with a jack-o-lantern on it.  I’ll probably just wear that.

One of my best buddies is coming out to visit next week.  I haven’t seen him in a few years (when we went to Bermuda) and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll take a few days off of work while the kids are under someone else’s care and go do some fun normal adult stuff.

I took Sarah to a car show last weekend and we threw a party for Sarah and her preschool friends to paint pumpkins in the back yard.  I think everyone had fun.

We are finally opening up doors in the evening when it cools down.  It’s been a really hot summer.  June was the hottest since our earth was just a ball of molten lava.

I’ve been playing a few new video games.  I wrote about what I wanted in my favorite series about a year ago in this blog post.  Apparently I was describing a different game the whole time.  Project CARS 2 is a lot of fun and almost everything I want in a car game.  It plays good on my wheel and I set up a $9 keypad for additional buttons.

I went full 1989 and drew out a keypad map in ASCII art.  It’s still not exactly what I want but I’m getting close.  This is my world.

|NUM    | /      | *      | -     |
|       |        |        |       |
|       |        | DRS    | FFB   |
|       |        |        | DN    |
|7/HOME | 8/UP   | 9/PUP  | +     |
|       |        |        |       |
|Seat   |        | Seat   | FFB   |
|Up     |        | Fwd    | UP    |
|4/L    | 5      | 6/R    | BS    |
|       |        |        |       |
|Seat   |        | Seat   |       |
|Down   |        | Back   |       |
|1/END  | 2/DN   | 3/PDN  | ENTER |
|       |        |        |       |
|LCD    | WIPERS | LIGHTS |       |
|       |        |        |       |
|-------------------------|       |
|0/INS           | ./DEL  |       |
|                |        |       |
|REQUEST         | PIT    |       |
|PIT             | LIMIT  |       |

Super Mario Odyssey came out last week and it’s a blast.  I went to buy it with Sarah – something I always hoped I’d share with my kids.  We’ve played it and even stayed up late crashing into things when we found out we could make Mario a dinosaur.  Mario is only a little older than me.

Thanksgiving, a 50th birthday party, and Christmas are just around the bend.  After Halloween is the worst time of year until Christmas is over.  I hate the pressure, the economy, ads, and everything about it (except the food).  I want it to be more fun with kids and maybe it’ll get that way as the years move on.

Halloween is fun, though.  Thanks for the well wishes and all of the nice phone calls, emails, messages, and all that.  Next birthday is Erin, then Emily has her very first.

Almost Birthday

October has been busy and has mostly flown by. Emily is crawling, Sarah is about to get her driver’s license, and Erin is probably running for a political office. Late nights are a gamble between if I want time to myself or should I get some sleep.

In that time I’ve been playing a new racing game and am rediscovering my interest in going outdoors.  I’m not actually going outdoors yet but it seems like something less impossible now that Emily has begun to move on her own.

In about a year she’ll be able to walk on the gravel path very easily and Sarah will probably be running six minute miles.  I’m realizing how much my hobbies have morphed around my flexibility.  Right now there is none so I spend lots of time around a TV and computer doing things that don’t require long blocks of time.

I’m 35 in about a week and it makes no difference to me.  There’s a new proper Mario game (don’t ask why I say proper, the explanation is too nerdy) coming out in a few days – the first in over seven years.  I’d like to take Sarah to go and buy it with me.

Happy Halloween!

Ten Years

Ten years ago this website turned into a blog and I’ve been updating it ever since.  In the last ten years my then girlfriend, now wife has become a doctor and two little kids have appeared in my house.  I don’t intend to stop the site nor will I ever put advertisements on it.

Thanks for coming by.

A blog post about a single light bulb

In 2005 I moved from California to Minnesota.  My job gave me a few hundred dollars to refurnish my new tiny apartment.  I could have bought one real wood table or furnished a whole twenty-something’s apartment with the crap at Ikea.  I had no choice.

After the first move (to New York), I lost most of the furniture and after the second move, only lamp remained.  The lamp itself is as simple as it gets so it surviving was only impressive because it was branded Ikea.

But that’s all the tease.  The real story is the light bulb I bought for that lamp.  LED lamps were pretty new at the time and when I saw one that said it’d last ten years, I naturally thought it was a good deal.  I can’t remember what I spent on it but it was the best thing I’ve ever purchased at an Ikea.

It’s very tiny and put out very little light which made it so useful.  The last six months, this has been on non-stop overnight as a night light to help getting Emily from her crib/fed/changed without waking her with bright light.  This has been perfect.

But it’s 2017.  This bulb was used nightly for twelve years.  It was the bulb we left on when we were out of the house or on vacation because it barely got warm and would give the illusion of us being home.  It banged around in three states two moving trucks, and four homes.

Last week it died.  I honestly never thought it would.  I figured it was so dim and so low power that it would be something I’d leave in my will.  But no, it actually died.

I hate Ikea.  That’s blasphemy to say around some people but I really do.  Their cute marketing doesn’t outweigh their business issues.  Politics aside, they branded a very, very good light bulb.

I took a photo and don’t even want to throw it away but I will after this post.  This soldier deserves its parade.  Thank you, dim Ikea LED bulb.  You’ve been one of the best and most reliable things I’ve ever purchased.